Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome! Thanks for popping in! I've hardly read any blogs, let alone create one, so it's all a bit new for me.

Life at the SC powers on after being closed all last week. This was because there was a public holiday for the King's birthday (the current king, we also get to celebrate the birthday of his father, Sihanouk, later in the year) which covered Tuesday - Thursday. So I suggested that the staff take Mon & Fri off as well, and they were happy to use their annual leave like that. The idea of having a few weeks of annual leave is still new to them and last year none of them used all their leave!

As we normally provide breakfast and lunch, I always feel a bit guilty when we close, yet the parents do need to take a bit of responsibility every now and then! Most of the kids did get to eat at home, but a significant handful said they didn't get lunch (parents were out working) or were always hungry. Many kids were also sad that there was no safe place to play for a whole week, but no one missed their school lessons!

Last week was still a busy one for me, with meetings and admin, and this week is much of the same. I also had my performance reviewed by the board and a specific time to reflect on what had happened and how I've been coping with it. These sessions have been really helpful for me, especially if I feel I haven't done things well or that everything is getting on top of me! My friend, Margaret, always helps me see things more positively!

From tomorrow I'll be having personal interviews with the staff, pray this will be an opportunity to build them up.

That's it for now. Is anyone going to read this? let me know if you do!