Sunday, November 7, 2010

Revlon comes to the SC

Last week, everyone was super excited to have a team from Revlon visit with gifts - no, not makeup! but soap, shampoo, stationery, toothpaste and noodles! About a dozen "freshie girls" (girls who win competitions to be Revlon models) graced our humble premises along with a camera crew.

Our 10th Birthday!

We finally celebrated our 10th birthday before the year ended! The staff prepared a packed program which included a brief history plus dvd of the last 10 years, pictures of past directors, singing, dancing, passing candles, blindfolded face painting, performances by the recorder students and lots of Khmer dancing. Plus cake! To ensure there would be enough for 150 mouths, I made a couple of very big banana cakes with lime icing which the kids enjoyed very much! We thanked God for his provision for us in every way, and we also honoured staff who had worked over 5 years at the SC, one even for 10 years!

September 2010 Newsletter

The latest, although a bit late to be uploaded!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christmas Cards!


This year we have beautiful Christmas cards for sale in packets of 10. Each packet contains 2 designs produced by SC students with the inspirational assistance of Rachel Saunders, a teacher at Hope International School.

Printing costs have been generously covered so 100% of proceeds go directly to the SC. Each packet is $10, the cost of breakfast for 50 children for one day. Order as many as you can!

Please contact Jill at:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Khmer New Year

Well, it's Khmer New Year, the SC is closed for a week and I don't have a crushing load of "things to do" for once! It takes a bit of getting used to, after having such a hectic 2009. The transition of leadership to Channy is going quite well and...I have spare time! So I thought I'd start putting fresh things on the blogspot and see who's reading it!

The most exciting thing recently is that our soccer team won the trophy for their division last week! The boys were so very excited after mostly being on the losing end for the first couple of years! The difference came with a second coach, a young girl who really commands their respect and I think her presence has encouraged about dozen of our girls to form a team as well. This is quite a step as parents were initially not willing for their daughters to play, regarding the sport as "un-ladylike"! The trophy will go on display at the SC, along with medals earned at a tournament last month.

Khmer New Year is officially 3 days long, but in reality, public schools are closed for 2 weeks. So we've had lots of games and activities at the SC, including traditional games such as smashing a clay pot, pinyata-style, with a long stick, and talcum powder, lollies and clay shrapnel flying everywhere! Miraculously there were no injuries!

Thursday, February 4, 2010